Perfect Date

Creating a card game is an interesting challenge. With a relatively small number of elements, the cards, the potential strategies in the game must be carefully considered.

A card game for 2-6 players, Perfect Date is intended for a mixed group, with mechanics designed to encourage both long term strategy and risk taking.

Each player tries to get their cards in play lined up so that their two people cards have a perfect date! Based on color matching and cards with the power to change the cards in play, Perfect Date is a challenging yet fun game for casual groups.

Like much of my work, the rules and images of the cards are available upon request.

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  1. Jo

    I almost like designing card games as much as I like designing Roguelikes. The problem is I can’t play a card game by myself, Roguelikes will play against me. Sounds depressing but I’ve made more board/card games in the last 10 years then I have had play sessions. As in I’ve made about 25 and total game nights have been about 5. And I could not get people to try the game I made. Ugh.

    So I’m pretty much a roguelike maker now. :-)

    1. Post
      Eben Howard

      Card games are a lot of fun because there’s pretty tight constraints on the complexity, required fun factor, and game length.

      I do like making roguelikes more though, mostly because it’s easier to distribute them and get feedback right away.

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