SquidLib 2.0 on the Way!

SquidLib 2.0 alpha 1 is out!

This means the newest, sexiest, and most used Java roguelike library can be yours today!

This release is self-stable and feature-complete. It is the recommended version to use until a newer one comes along as it reduces the complexity of SquidLib 1.95 considerably while adding new features. The only two features removed from 1.95 are highlighting and libgdx support. It is the first SquidLib release to use Java 8.

This version is an alpha as many sections may move or have method names and signatures modified. For example all “character” placement methods now accept code points internally rather than char types. At the end user level however the overload with a char parameter still exists for convenience purposes.

For most projects conversion from 1.95 to 2.0a1 should be fairly painless. I’ve converted all of the example code projects and for the most part it was a matter of simply replacing the placeFoo() calls with put(), which is the new universal grid placement method name.

Again, this is a self-stable and feature-complete version and can be used without being required to switch to a later version when one becomes available unless a desired feature has been added to the newer version.

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The Book of Hexodus

Adapted from one of the many conversations that makes #rgrd the best place in the world:

The book of Hexodus tells the story of how the Rugrud people left Egypt in six different directions, each group ultimately becoming one of the Six Tribes of Roguelikes.

The first tribe holds that roguelikelikes are still roguelikes.

The second tribe settled in Berlin, and adopted a severe and aggressively conservative law under which only very few games counted as roguelikes.

The third tribe was caught in a Blizzard far to the North and lost their way, eventually falling into iniquity and the temptation of gold. Today they are known as the Aarpugs.

The fates of the remaining three tribes are left as an exercise to the reader.

Thanks to the folks at irc://quakenet/rgrd for bringing another smile into the world. You never know where a discussion that starts with defining colors might end up!

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Hello Loot Crate!

Oh my god, it’s full of dragons! Well bits of dragon jerky anyway.

If you don’t yet know about Loot Crate you are missing out! Short version, you sign up with them, pay a small fee, and they send you awesome surprise packages filled with things related to their monthly theme. And my April crate arrived loaded with dragon related goodies :D

And now, on with the unboxing!

Dragon Loot Crate Opening

What mystery could be contained within this mysterious black box of mystery?

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Something new is on the way!

like rogue teaserThat is all :)

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