The Book of Hexodus

Adapted from one of the many conversations that makes #rgrd the best place in the world:

The book of Hexodus tells the story of how the Rugrud people left Egypt in six different directions, each group ultimately becoming one of the Six Tribes of Roguelikes.

The first tribe holds that roguelikelikes are still roguelikes.

The second tribe settled in Berlin, and adopted a severe and aggressively conservative law under which only very few games counted as roguelikes.

The third tribe was caught in a Blizzard far to the North and lost their way, eventually falling into iniquity and the temptation of gold. Today they are known as the Aarpugs.

The fates of the remaining three tribes are left as an exercise to the reader.

Thanks to the folks at irc://quakenet/rgrd for bringing another smile into the world. You never know where a discussion that starts with defining colors might end up!

The happy couple both home from the wars for a brief moment of cuddles before slaying their foes.

Hello Loot Crate!

Oh my god, it’s full of dragons! Well bits of dragon jerky anyway.

If you don’t yet know about Loot Crate you are missing out! Short version, you sign up with them, pay a small fee, and they send you awesome surprise packages filled with things related to their monthly theme. And my April crate arrived loaded with dragon related goodies :D

And now, on with the unboxing!

Dragon Loot Crate Opening

What mystery could be contained within this mysterious black box of mystery?

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Pinning Java Executable .jar Files

Using Windows 8 and want to make start menu links for Java executables? It can be done!

Successfully pinned a .jar file for easy execution!

Successfully pinned a .jar file for easy execution!

tl:dr get this fix

The above link will give you a series of registry edit files for different situations, including adding and removing pinning abilities. While messing with the registry can be a bit scary and doing it via files off the internet is usually a terrible no-no, those  are legit (at least at the time of this post).

You can (and should) verify that nothing hinky is going on with them by opening them up in a text editor and see what is going on before you merge them. You can also open up regedit and apply the bits manually as well.

This is good if you’ve got things installed that your system can run like an executable but aren’t traditional executable files. Examples of this are Java .jar files, Python .py files, and similar things. You can also link regular files, like if you have a spreadsheet you want to directly open.

Attack Template Prototyping – Dust Devil

One feature I wanted in Assault Fish that got dropped in the time crunch was area effects based on a template. I’ve been working with a little prototyping engine without a game attached to see if they’ll work as a general turn-based grid-based mechanic feature.

spark burst overlay prototypeSo far things are going well. The code for the above template is encoded string arrays for now:

I have the renderer set up so that it rotates around the character in the four cardinal directions as well. It only does the four cardinals because anything off-line from them is awkward when going from a grid template. Part of the original game design was to have only 4-way cardinal movement so this rotation fits with that general theme.