Assault Fish 1.6 – 7dRL Bug Fixes Extravangansa!

Today’s hint is…

This might be useful during the game:

assault fish elementsLuckily you can see it by hitting the HELP in the lower right corner!

In this release, several bugs were fixed which should now make every game theoretically winnable. The bugs fixed largely center around invalid positions of the enemies, sometimes not seeming to die or sometimes not interacting properly with the terrain. It turns out it’s all because they weren’t where they thought they were on the map… they were ghost elementals the whole time!

Get the newest version here: AssaultFish_1.6

This version does not have any feature additions from the 7dRL version (with the exception of keyboard movement) and only fixes critical bugs.

Assault Fish 1.5 – Now with more speeds and less bugs!

Well maybe only one more speed, I couldn’t find any academic papers on rating fishing game loading speeds empirically so I have no scientific basis either way. In any case, end-user speeds should be up quite a bit on loading.

One of the bugs I fixed was missing the artist information for the amazing music I used. Thanks to Torley Wong, Assault Fish is a relaxing and enjoyable experience rather than a silent and lonely one! Unless you don’t have speakers, then it’s probably silent and lonely.

Why can't I just fish in peace?

Why can’t I just fish in peace?

Also added in this version, by request, is basic keyboard controls for movement. You can use the numpad, arrow, and vi keys to move around. Throwing fish, selecting fish, and actual fishing do not yet support keyboard interface however.

Get the new version 1.5 here: AssaultFish_1.5

Assault Fish 1.3 – Official 2014 7dRL Entry

It is done!

My entry into the 2014 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge is complete! For evidence, check out the splash screen.

Assault Fish splash screenFor more evidence, try the game itself: AssaultFish_1.3. You’ll need Java 7 to play it, and the loading screen warning is no joke. If you don’t like the music you can mute it once the game fully loads and it’ll remember your choice next time you start the game.

I programmed this game starting on Saturday March 8th and ending on Saturday March 15th 2014. While there are more features I’d like to add, I’m very happy with the results. I think the game is fun to play, which is the most important thing!

There’s several features of the upcoming SquidLib 2.0 in use for this game. It uses the new JavaFX based sound management system instead of the old libGDX one. There’s lots and lots of transparent SGPanes being used. And there’s some other bits here and there.