7dRL is nearly upon us!

7dRL headerPrepare for awe and amazement next week, the annual 7 Day Roguelike Challenge is about to begin!

Once again people from all over the world will be slaving away heartily for 168 hours to produce a game of magnificent proportions. Or just trying to get something where an @ moves around the screen a bit without crashing.

My favorite thing about the 7dRL Challenge is exactly that, it’s a challenge, not a competition. Many people will try many things and success is a measure of personal achievement rather than external judging. While there is some judging, it’s meant to be a summary to help people find finished games they might be interested in rather than as a hard ranking of contestants.

This year the dates chosen are March 8-16th. I strongly recommend that you join in the fun and attempt to make a roguelike! This is the sort of event where risk of complete failure is pretty low and no matter what you’re bound to learn a lot in the attempt.

For more information on it, check out the official page: http://www.roguebasin.com/index.php?title=7DRL_Challenge_2014

Java Programming Practice with a Winter Roguelike

Practice your Java!

I created this lab with the intent that someone with a basic knowledge of Java could practice various things from control statements to threading in any order they wanted.

a screenshot of the starting point for the final lab GUI

This is the minimally functional starting display for this lab

This project starts with a minimally functional game that runs out of the box. Users are then provided with several uncoupled instructions to add functionality to the game. Although you don’t need to, I highly recommend adding an input game loop to the game to allow for more than one move :)

The difficult portion of this lab is setting up the IDE to use an external library (SquidLib, provided in the download). For help with this, hit the link for NetBeans and Eclipse.

The lab zip file available here contains all of the needed source and library files, as well as a .pdf of the instructions.

Now get going on your ultimate winter themed roguelike!

Interview with John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants

How do you start an interview with a personal idol? By telling them they’re wrong!

Thrill as Keith and I correct John Flansburgh on where They Might Be Giants has toured. And on how Bozeman, MT smells!

Other topics covered include Tetris, dreams, They Might Be Giants on Rock Band, old technology, new technology, They Might Be Giants’ place in music history, John’s politics, The Firesign Theatre, what happens on The Bus, and sticking to the music. ‘Tis a grand and sweeping conversation!

Coffee Christmas 2012

Oh boy, fun times!

The Christmas show is always my favorite Coffee Show, and I’m proud to present to you the full three hours from 2012! This show features music in the holiday spirit, if by “spirit” you mean not at all what you normally hear. It’s also recorded directly from the radio feed so it still includes the underwriter breaks and the jovial ramblings of Keith and myself.

Presented in three parts, the recording is split on the hour of real time broadcast so at the beginning and end of each track there are disjointed bits, just like on-air radio!


http://squidpony.com/audio/2012-12-19 http://squidpony.com/audio/2012-12-19 http://squidpony.com/audio/2012-12-19