Coffee Christmas 2012

Oh boy, fun times!

The Christmas show is always my favorite Coffee Show, and I’m proud to present to you the full three hours from 2012! This show features music in the holiday spirit, if by “spirit” you mean not at all what you normally hear. It’s also recorded directly from the radio feed so it still includes the underwriter breaks and the jovial ramblings of Keith and myself.

Presented in three parts, the recording is split on the hour of real time broadcast so at the beginning and end of each track there are disjointed bits, just like on-air radio!

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Movies Under The Microscope – Bolt

Go see Bolt!

That’s basically the gist of my and Keith’s critical analysis of the movie, so consider yourself spoiled.

I was going through my audio library and found the reviews we did for a local radio station, KGLT, a few years back. This is one of the few where Keith and I both agree. We also both think that Bolt was amazing in the theater.

Of special note, Keith admits to liking 3D! Well at least he does when it’s done well and with subtlety.

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Lenovo Yoga, Now Fun-Size

Lenovo has just released the following video about the new incarnation of the Yoga series:

This is so newly released it’s not even on their product page they link to in the video description. Expect it to show up soon though.

Unlike the previous 11″ model of Yoga, this one comes with full Windows 8 and a i7 cpu.

If you’re someone who loves the idea of the Yoga but it’s just a bit big for you, here’s the answer. It’s about the size of a netbook or ipad. I’d be highly tempted to get this if I didn’t already have the 13″ version.

Now if only Lenovo would add digitizer pen functionality to the Yoga line!

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You know your 7dRL is going to fail when…

Here’s some gemtastic quotes from some of this year’s 7dRL Challenge declared failures:

  • “Adding rouge-like properties…” – It’s hard to program in a genre you can’t spell
  • “I drew the theme “invade” from a hat, and also the feature “ASCII” — but from a shoe that time. Your guess is as good as mine as to what this all means.” – If you have to guess what your game’s going to be I’ll guess it’s going to be a failure
  • “” – With a progress blog like that you’re doomed to forever singing this song:
  • “First ever in my life I’ll program in Java – I hate it unspeakably – and for Android – first ever I saw/use one in ’12 Dec. ” – 7dRL is not the time for “First ever in my life” and really not for anything that includes the words “I hate it”
  • “…Unity…” – Awwwww. To be fair, several successes used Unity to great effect.
  • “Windows (sorry)” – Apologizing for supporting the most popular OS is a bad sign
  • “No idea what is roguelike.” – Also no idea what is success
  • “no pre-built engine or libraries” – Also no built or post-built ones.
  • “I hate going to the grocery store. This roguelike is inspired by that.” – This one I actually really want to see, hopefully it gets made in the future.

However! If your reason for failure included the following words, all is forgiven:

“My first roguelike”

“I learned a lot”

“I’ll be back next year!”

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