Attack The Geth – Success!

Finished it!

Sniper reporting in from Firebase White

Sniper reporting in from Firebase White

Attack The Geth is my 7 Day Roguelike entry for 2013. This makes the fifth year in a row I’ve participated and succeeded in making a game in seven days.

Much like Mass Effect’s multiplayer mode, it’s about surviving as long as you can.

As you kill enemies you gain experience which you can use to upgrade your robot between waves or after death.


Edited to provide smaller download with unused audio assets removed.
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Rise of the Mobs – Failed 7dRL Review

Yeargh! Fear my skull and intestines!

Squishy man, going about his squishy business

Squishy man, going about his squishy business


Rise of the Mobs is an entry in the 2013 7dRL Challenge which failed. Written in Dart and with source code available, it’s still an interesting approach. In its current playable state the screen shot above gives about as much enjoyment as the actual game.


The basics of Rise of the Mobs are fairly compelling. It has a decent theme, fun graphics, and is browser based. However there’s not any meat to it, just one lone slime monster cruising around an empty map.

Like many failed 7dRLs, Rise of the Mobs has a good hook and given enough time could become a quite fine game. Here’s the authors’ summary of the game theme:

“Rise of the mobs (or RoM) is a roguelike game where you are a monster trying to survive the warriors/mage/stuffwithlegs trying to kill you. During your journey, you’ll be able to eat your opponents, absorbing a part of their power. This will give you abilities and caracteristics based on what you’ve eaten. You’ll eventually get stronger and stronger and bring justice in the name of all these poor monsters that have been dying to the evil humans.”

While this kind of theme has been done before, it’s still unusual enough to warrant attention. Reading through their commit log on GitHub, it’s easy to see both authors are passionate and really worked hard on the game.

If Rise of the Mobs ever gets a proper release, it’ll likely be a game worth playing.

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Attack The Geth, Go!

Attack The Geth is the name of my 7dRL project for this year.

I’m starting the project at 21:00 MDT on March 10th.

I’ll be doing the programming entirely in Java, using SquidLib as a base for the UI.

Project features are to include fancy use of FOV algorithms and a Mass Effect universe inspired setting.

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How many dimensions did you want?

You can have up to 9, thanks to Pupnik and N-Dimensional Roguelike.

Click the image to have a go (requires Flash).

The UI

The UI

It can be a bit hard to figure out at first, but such is the nature of dealing with more than 3 dimensions. Don’t give up, it’s quite a bit of fun and it’ll help your brain think in new ways!

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