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Something new is on the way!

like rogue teaserThat is all :)

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Attack Template Prototyping – Dust Devil

One feature I wanted in Assault Fish that got dropped in the time crunch was area effects based on a template. I’ve been working with a little prototyping engine without a game attached to see if they’ll work as a general turn-based grid-based mechanic feature.

spark burst overlay prototypeSo far things are going well. The code for the above template is encoded string arrays for now:

I have the renderer set up so that it rotates around the character in the four cardinal directions as well. It only does the four cardinals because anything off-line from them is awkward when going from a grid template. Part of the original game design was to have only 4-way cardinal movement so this rotation fits with that general theme.

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Attack The Geth 1.1 Released

Here’s an updated version.

That's right, attach them!

That’s right, attack them!

Download here.

The following changes have been performed:

  • Splash Screen added (no more emptiness while loading resources)
  • Help Screen updated to include some small bit of story
  • Main Menu item added to go directly to Help Screen
  • Unused audio assets removed (reducing file size by about 1/2)

The requirements to play are simply a Java 7 Runtime Environment. To start the game, double click on the Attack_The_Geth.jar file.

If the game doesn’t work when you double click the Attack_The_Geth.jar file then please make sure your Java is updated.

There’s some more updates planned, so if there’s anything you want to see added, let me know!

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How many dimensions did you want?

You can have up to 9, thanks to Pupnik and N-Dimensional Roguelike.

Click the image to have a go (requires Flash).

The UI

The UI

It can be a bit hard to figure out at first, but such is the nature of dealing with more than 3 dimensions. Don’t give up, it’s quite a bit of fun and it’ll help your brain think in new ways!

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