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AssaultFish – Prototype 5

Yep skipped a couple numbers there. Been busy trying out different locations.

Here we see a beautiful magma lake full of little magma fish.

assault fish water prototype 5The code which colors in the magma itself relies heavily on calls to SColorFactory and a bit of PerlinNoise magic.


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Assault Fish – Prototype 2

assault fish water prototype 2Here you can see two different changes, smoothing on the terrain and a giant person!

The giant person is being drawn on another panel overlaying the first, with tiles three times as big. This is similar to the technique I used last year for the radar pings in Attack the Geth, but this is the first time I’ve tried it with different scales.

Here’s the smoothing code I used, it’s really simple.


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Assault Fish – Water Prototype

Assault Fish has begun!

Here’s the first prototype result from my water area generator (side view)

assault fish water prototype

And so marks the first post for the 2014 7 Day Roguelike Challenge!

Some implementation details:

  • Using SquidLib (experimental branch)
  • Java 7 (although I really want 8 to be out so I can use it)
  • Height is completely random, which is why it looks like it :)

The full code for this prototype view is below. As you can see the actual display to map is pretty simple, thanks to SquidLib! (There’s also imports and variables that I’m going to use shortly but don’t get used for this display right now)


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7dRL is nearly upon us!

7dRL headerPrepare for awe and amazement next week, the annual 7 Day Roguelike Challenge is about to begin!

Once again people from all over the world will be slaving away heartily for 168 hours to produce a game of magnificent proportions. Or just trying to get something where an @ moves around the screen a bit without crashing.

My favorite thing about the 7dRL Challenge is exactly that, it’s a challenge, not a competition. Many people will try many things and success is a measure of personal achievement rather than external judging. While there is some judging, it’s meant to be a summary to help people find finished games they might be interested in rather than as a hard ranking of contestants.

This year the dates chosen are March 8-16th. I strongly recommend that you join in the fun and attempt to make a roguelike! This is the sort of event where risk of complete failure is pretty low and no matter what you’re bound to learn a lot in the attempt.

For more information on it, check out the official page: http://www.roguebasin.com/index.php?title=7DRL_Challenge_2014

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