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You know your 7dRL is going to fail when…

Here’s some gemtastic quotes from some of this year’s 7dRL Challenge declared failures:

  • “Adding rouge-like properties…” – It’s hard to program in a genre you can’t spell
  • “I drew the theme “invade” from a hat, and also the feature “ASCII” — but from a shoe that time. Your guess is as good as mine as to what this all means.” – If you have to guess what your game’s going to be I’ll guess it’s going to be a failure
  • “http://tbd.somewhere.out.there.com/” – With a progress blog like that you’re doomed to forever singing this song:
  • “First ever in my life I’ll program in Java – I hate it unspeakably – and for Android – first ever I saw/use one in ’12 Dec. ” – 7dRL is not the time for “First ever in my life” and really not for anything that includes the words “I hate it”
  • “…Unity…” – Awwwww. To be fair, several successes used Unity to great effect.
  • “Windows (sorry)” – Apologizing for supporting the most popular OS is a bad sign
  • “No idea what is roguelike.” – Also no idea what is success
  • “no pre-built engine or libraries” – Also no built or post-built ones.
  • “I hate going to the grocery store. This roguelike is inspired by that.” – This one I actually really want to see, hopefully it gets made in the future.

However! If your reason for failure included the following words, all is forgiven:

“My first roguelike”

“I learned a lot”

“I’ll be back next year!”

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Attack The Geth v1.4 – Pick A Font!

New alternate font now available!

Ahhhh, this more traditional font makes me more comfortable.

Ahhhh, this more traditional font makes me more comfortable.

Full change log:

  • Menu tweaks
  • Added ability to choose a more traditional font
  • Refactored to remove tearing on screen changes

Get it here: http://squidpony.com/AttackTheGeth1.4.zip


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Attack The Geth v1.3 – Now you’ll know who did what!

Big feature add in this edition is the credits:

hmmmm, that Eben guy sure seems to have done a lot

hmmmm, that Eben guy sure seems to have done a lot

Changes from previous edition:

  • Added Credits screen
  • Changed “Exit” on main menu to “Exit Game”
  • Added custom icon to the window

This version is still essentially the same as the 7dRL version, no gameplay changes have been made.

Geth it here: http://squidpony.com/AttackTheGeth1.3.zip

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Attack The Geth v1.2 Release

Based on player feedback!

Oh, that's what I'm doing here!

Oh, that’s what I’m doing here!

Get it here: http://squidpony.com/AttackTheGeth1.2.zip


  • Re-ordered robot choices from approximately easiest to hardest
  • Slightly changed help screen
  • Auto-sizes to best fit the display space without being too large
  • Examining enemies now shows their attack range
  • Field of View is now perfectly symmetrical, if you can shoot them they can shoot you!
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