Assault Fish – Water Prototype

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Assault Fish has begun! Here’s the first prototype result from my water area generator (side view) And so marks the first post for the 2014 7 Day Roguelike Challenge! Some implementation details: Using SquidLib (experimental branch) Java 7 (although I really want 8 to be out so I can use it) Height is completely random, which is why it looks … Read More

7dRL is nearly upon us!

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Prepare for awe and amazement next week, the annual 7 Day Roguelike Challenge is about to begin! Once again people from all over the world will be slaving away heartily for 168 hours to produce a game of magnificent proportions. Or just trying to get something where an @ moves around the screen a bit without crashing. My favorite thing … Read More

You know your 7dRL is going to fail when…

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Here’s some gemtastic quotes from some of this year’s 7dRL Challenge declared failures: “Adding rouge-like properties…” – It’s hard to program in a genre you can’t spell “I drew the theme “invade” from a hat, and also the feature “ASCII” — but from a shoe that time. Your guess is as good as mine as to what this all means.” … Read More