While stationed in South Korea, I created a prototype cRPG in the classic 16 bit style. Using RPGMaker 2003, I designed an RPG which told the story of a soldier arriving in Korea to be a Signaleer. The adventure revolved around completing smaller quests while building up a reserve of resources.

One of my favorite parts of this game is the creation of a non-violent conflict system. Faced with the problem of wanting to maintain some sense of reality, I couldn’t have the usual RPG tropes of the hero bashing everyone they meet over the head and taking their stuff. The answer lay in designing and in-game portable game that everyone played. When conflict happens, it often happens through the hero playing his handheld against other people’s handhelds. The hero could collect more upgrades for his game as time went on, allowing him to challenge greater foes.

Sadly, the source code for this game has gone the way of the Dodo during some distant past computer change-over.