One day left!

Here’s what the overland map looks like:

assault fish map 1.1Or at least what it looks like after having thrown some fish around.

This is not the finished 7dRL version, but if you want to try it you can get it here. Note that you’ll need Java 7 update 51 to play. The controls in this version are as follows:

  • Main Map Mode
    • Left click without fish selected to movie in that direction. Moving into an elemental pool will start a fishing session in it.
    • Left click on a fish in the lower section to select it for throwing. If a fish is already selected, clicking it again will deselect it.
    • Left click with a fish selected on the main map to throw the fish at the clicked point.
    • Right click to deselect fish (if one is selected).
    • Ctrl-Left click or middle click to get more info about what objects on the map are under the cursor.
  • Fishing Mode
    • Left click to start the strength meter moving.
    • Left click again to cast at the current strength.
    • Right click when not casting to return to map mode.

Time passes during every cast in fishing mode, but in this version the enemies don’t attack so there’s not much to worry about. To be fair, they also don’t take damage so there’s not much for them to worry about either.


For a special prize, guess how many SquidLib panels I’m using in the above screenshot. Warning: prize may contain absence of prize.