I’ve decided that I have enough small rogue-like experience to attempt a full sized one, and that game is Epigon!

Epigon means heir, which is one of the features designed for the game. Like most rogue-like games, when you die it’s game over, no save. Unlike most rogue-likes, when you create a new character you’ll have the option of being an heir to one of your previous characters. Doing so will give you some advantages, such as equipment or recipes from your previous character.

Other features of Epigon include a full featured crafting system allowing players to experiment with a rich and diverse world in interesting and unique ways, and an external data file system allowing anyone to easily add or remove content to the game!

Influences for Epigon include ADOM, Dwarf Fortress, my previous game Excitable Digger, as well as numerous other rogue-likes. From ADOM comes a nice overworld with some static elements. From Dwarf Fortress comes player modability in the form of external files. From Excitable Digger comes stone generation, and by extension general world generation.

Epigon is about two months into planning and most of the initial details are worked out. Had a really exciting realization when I noticed that the way I’m dealing with potions intrinsically allows for multi-potion bombs 😀