What if you mashed up the classic game of Snake with a traditional rogue-like? Wyrm!

You are a mighty feared Wyrm! Or will be one day at any rate. For now you’re kinda small and even kobolds are a threat. Defeat them, eat them, grow bigger!

As you gain length, make sure you don’t accidentally chomp down on your own tail, that would hurt!

The project is 12 hours into the challenge and currently features simple controls, display, and a short tail. The goal for the next 12 hours is to add in dungeon generation and collision detection.


I am using SquidGrid to make a monospaced display in a standard JFrame. This allowed for very easy creation of the display portion, leaving me more time to work with other parts of the code. It also allows for some nice fun colors without having to look up hex values 🙂

You can get version A1 – The Sauce from here: Wyrm A1. This version requires Java 7, although later versions do not.