One of the fun things about a challenge is that it’s okay to fail. Trying to succeed makes us better, even if we don’t quite reach our goals. The only real failure is in not trying.

That being the case, here’s some of the games that were entries in the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge 2013 declared as failures by their creators but still have something about them worth noticing.


Drifting in Solar Winds by Ryan Guthrie

Yes, I who goes by Anon shall rule the galaxy!

Yes, I who goes by Anon shall rule the galaxy!

Drifting in Solar Winds’ best feature is the simply amazing galaxy map. Click here to go to a test version where you can just play around creating galaxies and see them animated! There’s a randomly generated ship layout on the righthand side, and a crew inside the ship. Given the success of FTL, this game looks like it’s off to an excellent start. This is on my watch list for a future full release!


Five Traversals by Eli Brody

My eyes! What have you done to my eyes!?

My eyes! What have you done to my eyes!?

Despite its crazy font mapping, which might be due to a missing font on my part, this game has a very unique look. With a bit of tweaking this hyper-colored environment could really be thematic.


Unnamed Tower Defense Roguelike by Philipp “fillest” Saveliev and Tosh

Great writeup about how and why it failed and lessons learned, including a plan for how to approach future projects. Exactly the sort of after-challenge thinking everyone should partake in, whether successful or failed. Due to there being no Windows build, I have not played the actual game.


Generally Great Quotes from Random Developers

“Not sure yet. I have several ideas, but they all seem too ambitious. We’ll see what happens. Edit: Not knowing what to make turned out to be a terrible plan.” – monad, as the description of his game on

“I’m using this competition as a way of learning google dart. Outcome – learned dart, but no game.” – Paul Evans