Want to have a convenient grid world display in Java?


Freshly streamlined, SquidLib is the successor to SquidGrid, MonoSpaceDisplay, and libjcsi. With three great display libraries as ancestors, SquidLib has the refinement and tools to make any text grid work easy.

This library is meant to be an answer to ncurses for Java Swing, but goes beyond the tools of ncurses.

Current features include:

  • Place characters on grid arbitrarily
  • Set foreground and background colors for each cell individually
  • Place strings on grid arbitrarily
  • Place blocks of characters on grid arbitrarily
  • Dynamic resizing of grid
  • Dynamic changing of font
  • Arbitrary fonts stay monospaced
  • Select specifically what characters must fit in the cells


SquidLib is under active development, so please add any comments or suggestions to the issues tracker on the GitHub site.