Has this ever happened to you?

What will I do without my check marks?!?


The Problem

You (or someone like you with access to your computer) uninstalled a very important system font!

This font goes by the name of Segoe UI Symbol. Without it, the check marks and other icon decorations will not show up.


The Solution

Install Segoe UI Symbol on your machine.

There are several ways to install fonts, the easiest being to right click on the font file and select install from the popup menu.

The font file itself is named “seguisym.ttf” and if you uninstalled it from your machine, you’ll probably have to borrow it from someone else’s.

I haven’t provided the font here due to licensing restrictions, but it comes with Windows 8, so anyone you know who has Windows 8 who has checkboxes will have the font in their system folder.


The Snark

I used the Segoe UI Symbol font to render the “Oh No!!” text in the image. And then I drew some hasty and not aesthetically pleasing arrows.