Designing a board game is a lot of fun. The rule set can be somewhat arbitrary since the primary objective is to create a fun story that can be played through in about an hour by a group of people.

One of the biggest challenges in creating a new board game is building an idea that has not been done a billion times previously. I believe that in the creation of Pirate King’s Birthday, I have done just that.

A board game for 3-8 players, the basic premise is fairly straightfoward. The Pirate King has reached his birthday! In the grand pirate tradition, this means that any pirate can become the new Pirate King if they can beat the current King in a treasure hunt. Based in a seaside town, the players take turns moving around town looking for treasure, shaking down the locals, and getting in rumbles. Optional rules allow for the Pirate King to be a player who must defend his title.