Here’s how well the Reaper Bones Kickstarter is doing right now:

Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution Of Gaming Miniatures -- Kicktraq Mini

So yeah, goal beat just by a little bit.

Short version of the story is that you can get a whole bunch of amazing minis for less than $1 each!

Medium version of the story is that well established miniature manufacturers Reaper are starting a new line of high quality unpainted plastic minis called Bones. The kickstarter campaign is to defray the costs of new molds so that they can jump straight to a full line of figures rather than slowly reinvesting a part of the profits over the next couple decades.

The reward levels largely feature the new minis, with the upshot that the more they get the faster the rewards roll out! So far there have been many stretch goals hit and they nearly all contain extra figures for the $100 level, putting it to 137 minis as I right this.

The only downside to this particular kickstarter is that as they add excellent stretch goals (Cthulu monsters!), I keep wanting to give them more and more money! This is the kind of bargain you just don’t want to pass on.

Long version is at their kickstarter page.