I have always been fascinated with Role Playing Games, both pen & paper and computer based. The creation of an entire world with self-consistent rules provides an opportunity for both the creator and the player to experience something unique.

Deciding that there weren’t enough silly pen & paper rpgs in existence, I created Sportz Heros. While the intentionally misspelled name is indicative of the culture during its creation, the game itself is quite enjoyable.

The basic premise is that the heroes are a group of people that were hanging out in the gym, or some similarly appropriate area, when they fall through a portal into another world. In this new world, they find that the skills they have gained through their athleticism gives them a great advantage.

With its wide variety of classes, from Linebacker to Caber Tosser, Sportz Heros has something for everyone. The rules documents are available should anyone be interested in them.

There are some plans in the works to develop the Sportz Heros world for use in a rogue-like game, likely for the 7 Day Rogue-Like Challenge in 2012.