I’ve recently been playing a lot of Tales of Maj’Eyal which is built on the T-Engine, also known as Tome4. This very well designed engine and game have caused me to reconsider some of the things that I would like to do with Epigon.

Tales of Maj’Eyal has a lot of story and background, often presented in pop-ups when certain scrolls are obtained. This allows for a gradual and slightly random introduction to the world, without forcing the player to go through NPCs to get the information. I had previously decided that I didn’t want much explicit background information in Epigon, largely due to the expect randomness of it rendering pre-plotted story to be incorrect or obsolete. There is, in fact, a background story to the world in Epigon, so now the challenge is to add it in a way that makes sense, which Tales has helped guide.

The T-Engine itself does many of the things I plan to implement in Epigon. There are achievements, along with unlockables. There are also randomly modified items, ala Diablo and more recently Borderlands. These are both things I wished to include, although with more potential mods for items, including mods to more than just weapons. Having seen in practice how well both of these elements work, they are now a larger priority in Epigon.

The third thing that playing Tales has shown me is that I can achieve something unique and satisfying by limiting my initial goals, but retaining future flexibility. That means I’m planning on specific formats for items that will be hard coded for now, but be modifiable in the future. This is especially the case for skills!

Overall, my experience playing Tales of Maj’Eyal has been quite positive! Everyone who likes rogue-likes should try it out!