The newest version of SquidLib is live!

This version features a large bundle of new named colors, along with pallets for them. The new set includes all of the colors from The Traditional Colors Of Japan on wikipedia. Each of the series are included as an array for your use.

The SColorFactory class has been expanded with new options, including shortcut methods to get varying degrees of dimness/lightness of a given color. A demo for that functionality is live at the GitHub repository.

The colors in this image use the SColorFactory adjustment methods in the following order from left to right:

  • desaturated
  • desaturate [at 80%]
  • lightest
  • lighter
  • light
  • [the original color]
  • dark
  • darker
  • darkest

The demo allows you to work with any of the preconfigured pallets and features a tooltip that tells you what method and color name are under the cursor during use.