Using Windows 8 and want to make start menu links for Java executables? It can be done!

Successfully pinned a .jar file for easy execution!

Successfully pinned a .jar file for easy execution!

tl:dr get this fix

The above link will give you a series of registry edit files for different situations, including adding and removing pinning abilities. While messing with the registry can be a bit scary and doing it via files off the internet is usually a terrible no-no, thoseĀ  are legit (at least at the time of this post).

You can (and should) verify that nothing hinky is going on with them by opening them up in a text editor and see what is going on before you merge them. You can also open up regedit and apply the bits manually as well.

This is good if you’ve got things installed that your system can run like an executable but aren’t traditional executable files. Examples of this are Java .jar files, Python .py files, and similar things. You can also link regular files, like if you have a spreadsheet you want to directly open.