Oh no there’s a … GAME OVER.

What follows is the scribbling from a tattered notebook found in a cave, surrounded by giant spiders and angry shopkeepers.

Alas my dearest Margarette, I fear that I will never see you again for this spike sticking through my chest seems to be lodging ever deeper as I write these words. Do please excuse the drops of blood on these pages, my torch dwindles and I must lean close to see. Wait, I think perhaps I am not mortally wounded, if I can just lever myself off this spike I can… wait, what’s that moaning?

Ah, dying alone in the dark with just a flickering torch, a worn journal, an ink pen, some ink, and a giant gold head to keep you company. What more could an adventurer want from life?

Basic concept sketch for Spelunky

Bouncing, looting, running. Everything needed!


That’s right, Spelunky is on the brain. The XBox Live Arcade (XBLA) version specifically.

If you haven’t played the PC version, go get it right now, it’s free!

If you haven’t played the XBLA version, maybe hold off for now. While there’s some great things that are new in the XBLA version, there’s also enough annoyances that $15 might be a bit more than is warranted. Like dancing around a car that’s moving without anyone at the controls, it’s just not quite a sane experience.

Reasons after the jump.

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